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Robyn Kay Studio


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“Deluded he saw her with his soul. Delusional he loved her with his whole. Decision of fate for he would control.” - RK


She is one of the Greek Nereids.

Nereids (sea nymphs) were the fifty daughters of the God of the sea, Nereus, and one of the Oceanids, Doris.

Nereids responsibility was the sea, fish and sailors.

Each Nereid had an attribute that they looked after.

Amatheia was responsible for nursing young fish.

Her name directly means “nourisher”.


Medium: Acrylic Pour
Dimensions: 1000 x 1200 x 35mm
Canvas: Stretched With Love
Weight: 5.22kg
Hanging: Two D-rings on either end

Only the best quality paint, primers and varnishes used. Varnish with substantial Ultra Violet protection. To ensure longevity of your piece.

Stretched With Love canvases are carefully hand stretched by professional canvas stretchers, top quality American pre-primed cotton, using high quality local and imported materials ... and love.

Stretcher Bar
The 35mm profile stretcher bars are made from kiln-dried NZ pine, with a 180 degree lip for the strongest possible edge. Stapled at the back using stainless steel staples.